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Solar tour open houses planned for Saturday

The Illinois Solar Energy Association has scheduled its 10th annual Illinois Solar Tour for Saturday.

As a part of the tour, home and business owners throughout the state plan to open their doors to show off their solar energy systems, the solar energy association said.

The opens houses are free to allow attendees to view real-life examples of how people use the sun’s energy to generate electricity, heat and slash monthly utility bills, organizers said.

The self-guided tour has attracted more than a thousand people across Illinois in recent years, the solar energy association said. The tour allows participants to learn about the costs, processes, as well as the economic and environmental benefits of using solar energy.

Among the metro-east locations scheduled to participate in the solar tour are:

▪  Juggle, LLC at 33 Bronze Pointe North, unit 150, in Swansea,

▪  The Luke Rheaume residence at 816 Alexander Drive in O’Fallon,

▪  The Marguerite Rousseau residence at 1775 Saddlewood in O’Fallon,

▪  The Richard and Johann Ellerbrake residence at 866 Old Enterprise Farms, on Scott Troy Road, in Lebanon,

▪  The Ron Trimmer residence at 106 Lenox Ave. in Mitchell,

▪  The Chris Krusa residence at 27 Rose Court in Glen Carbon (outside viewing only),

▪  The Everett Kuegler residence at 5263 Weber Road in Alhambra.

The Illinois Solar Tour host sites are scheduled to be open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. For more information, go to