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Democrats hold onto most seats, offices in St. Clair County

Incumbent St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern, a Democrat, defeated challenger Rodger Cook, a Republican.
Incumbent St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern, a Democrat, defeated challenger Rodger Cook, a Republican.

Democrats in St. Clair County government kept control of the six contested countywide offices on Tuesday’s ballot, as well as the County Board, according to unofficial results.

St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern won a fourth term as chairman.

“We ran a great campaign, going into neighborhoods, and we had a good, positive message, and that’s the key to any campaign,” Kern said.

Most of Kern’s support came out of the western part of the county. Going east, challenger Rodger Cook had more support.

“We represent everyone,” Kern said. “I look forward to continuing to addressing the needs of the entire county.”

Kern said he had not spoken with Cook as of midday Wednesday.

Cook did not immediately return a phone call to the BND.

The closest countywide seat was the race for circuit clerk. Incumbent Kahalah Clay, a Democrat, has a 1,229-vote lead over Dallas Cook, the Republican Belleville City Clerk.

St. Clair County Clerk Tom Holbrook said Wednesday there were 2,481 vote-by-mail ballots yet to be returned, out of the 11,413 ballots sent out.

However, there are usually about 20 percent of vote-by-mail ballots that don’t get returned of the total that are sent, and Holbrook said he expects only a few hundred to come between Election Day and the countywide canvass in two weeks.

Vote-by-mail ballots had to be postmarked by Election Day.

Democratic incumbents Michael Costello, county recorder; and Patty Sprague, auditor; also won their re-election bids, according to the unofficials results.

Democrat Angela Grossman-Roewe, a current County Board member, is set to join the Board of Review after defeating Republican County Board member Ed Cockrell for the position. She was trailing until the East St. Louis vote was reported. Grossman-Roewe will replace Claire Prindable, a Democrat.

In the coroner’s race to replace the retiring Rick Stone, Calvin Dye Sr., a Democrat, defeated Republican Carl Officer, former East St. Louis mayor.

Republicans in the county gained one seat on the County Board, but Democrats still hold a 20-9 majority on the board.

County Board member Mike Baker was the lone incumbent on the ballot to be ousted, according to unofficial results from Tuesday.

Baker, a Democrat, lost to Republican Kevin Dawson, in District 20, which covers the Mascoutah area.

Also set to join to the County Board is James Haywood, a Democrat in District 25, who defeated Republican Ron Gerlach.

Haywood will take the seat held by his wife, Lorraine.

Scott Tieman, a Democrat, defeated Republican David Raynaud in District 26, a seat currently held by Democrat Larry Stammer, who lost in the primary. Stammer had voted with Republicans when it came to issues such as MidAmerica Airport.

Republican Bryan Bingel was unopposed in his bid to become the District 7 County Board member and replace Cockrell.

Also set to join the board is Democrat Steve Gomric, who defeated Republican Ryan Stookey in District 17, which is a seat being vacated by Democrat Curtis Jones.

Vote totals

Unofficial vote totals that include precincts under the jurisdiction of both the East St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners and the St. Clair County Clerk’s office.

St. Clair County Coroner

Democrat Calvin Dye Sr.: 65,324 votes

Republican Carl Officer: 49,770 votes

St. Clair County Circuit Clerk

Democratic incumbent Kahalah Clay: 58,531

Republican Dallas Cook: 57,302

St. Clair County Auditor race

Democratic incumbent Patty Sprague: 62,095

Republican Gary Cornwell: 53,425

St. Clair County Recorder’s race

Democratic incumbent Michael T. Costello: 63,683

Republican Amanda Ruocco: 52,263

St. Clair County Board of Review

Democrat Angela Grossman-Roewe: 59,908

Republican Ed Cockrell: 55,300

County Board

District 2

Joan McIntosh, Democrat: 2,326

Elton Thomas, Republican: 344

District 4

S. Gene Rhoden, Democrat: 1,481

Nick Miller, Republican: 2,557

District 9

C. Richard Vernier, Democrat: 2,585

LaKeisha D. Coleman, Republican: 1,349

District 10

Dixie Seibert, Democrat: 2,164

Lester Byrd, Republican: 1,645

District 11

Jerry Dinges, Democrat: 2,050

Nicholas Joseph Wiesbrock, Republican: 1,376

District 14

Bob Trentman, Democrat: 2,737

Mark Alan Kern, Republican: 1,222

District 16

June Chartrand, Democrat: 1,999

David Langford, Republican: 1,478

District 17

Steven Gomric, Democrat: 2,395

Ryan Stookey, Republican: 2,019

District 19

Jana Armstrong Moll, Democrat: 1,200

C. David Tiedemann, Republican: 1,391

District 20

Mike Baker, Democrat: 1,622

Kevin Dawson, Republican: 3,001

District 22

Kirk Caponi, Democrat: 2,044

Michael O’Donnell, Republican: 3,117

District 24

Marty Crawford, Democrat: 2,596

Jason Madlock, Republican: 729

District 25

James Haywood, Democrat: 2,276

Ron Gerlach, Republican: 731

District 26

Scott Tieman, Democrat: 2,045

David Raynaud, Republican: 1,806