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Illinois American Water donates medication drop box to Belleville police

Belleville Police Department has partnered with Illinois American Water to offer a new permanent pharmaceutical drop box at the police department’s new building located at 720 W. Main St.

Police said in a news release that residents can drop off their unwanted medications at the police department, where they will be incinerated. For environmental reasons, police say medications should not be flushed down a drain or thrown away in the trash.

“We are excited to provide residents with another location to securely drop off their unwanted medicines,” Belleville Detective Christopher Foppe said in a news release. “It’s important to keep these items out of the hands of our youth and out of landfills and water supplies.”

Illinois American Water said it donated the drop box to the police department as part of a program designed to partner with communities to dispose of unused prescription pills and drugs.

The drop box will be located in the lobby area of the police department.