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‘One ring’ phone scam resurfacing across the country


Beware, that missed called on your notification screen could be a scammer hoping you’ll call back.

WQAD Channel 8 is reporting that the recurring “one ring scam” has resurfaced throughout the country.

By using auto-dialers to call cell phones, scammers let the call ring just long enough to register on someone’s phone before hanging up. In some cases, they wait for the victim to answer and appear to be in distress before hanging up abruptly on them. In some cases, they may text a person’s cell phone.

They do this, reported, in hopes that the person will call the number back. When the person does call back, they are charged money (usually a large amount) for any calls or texts to that number.

People receiving these calls are encouraged to look up the phone number before calling back, and are reminded that if it is someone they know calling them, that person will contact them again. While the area codes associated with these calls may look domestic, they are actually originating from outside the United States.

WQAD reported the Federal Trade Commission recommends people falling victim to this scam report it to their phone company and file online complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission.