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Bost statement on government funding bill passing

U.S. Rep. Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, on Wednesday voted for a funding package that keeps the federal government operating through the remainder of the current fiscal year, which ends in September. The bipartisan legislation — which passed the House by an overwhelming 309-118 margin — includes a permanent fix for retired miners’ health care benefits, limits EPA overreach, drastically increases border security and strengthens the military.

“This legislation is not perfect and does not include everything we wanted, but it makes significant reforms that are wins for Southern Illinois,” said Rep. Bost. “Now that we’ve come together to provide long-term certainty for our retired miners, military members, small businesses, and hardworking families in Southern Illinois, we can now redouble our efforts on the important initiatives that were not included in this bill and make progress there as we move forward.”