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These kids had a good time at Art on the Square

Kids talk about Art on the Square

Children talk about their favorite type of art and what they enjoy about Belleville's annual art festival.
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Children talk about their favorite type of art and what they enjoy about Belleville's annual art festival.

In the Children’s Art Garden on the northwest corner of the Art on the Square grounds, Luis Soto, 7, of Belleville, was among the youngsters making their own art.

Luis used blue and yellow feathers, some pipe cleaners, and then glued some googly eyes to a piece of wood to make his own little figurine.

He said he liked painting the best.

“Because it’s fun,” Luis said.

Youngsters at the annual art festival in downtown Belleville, helped paint a mural, used colorful markers draw on smocks, decorated cookies, had their faces painted and were doing their own crafts.

Nadia Futa, 8, of Belleville, saw jewelry and pottery among other things at Art on the Square.

She said she hoped to see some gold.

“Because gold is my favorite color,” Nadia said.

Lia Ebel, 6, of St. Louis, used markers at the Associated Bank booth to draw on a smock an ocean scene of fish swimming and a boat floating on the water.

Lia enjoys making art.

“You can play with it, and tape stuff with it and cut it out,” Lia said.

Lia said she also likes to face paint.

“Because is my favorite hobby.”

Five-year-old twin sisters Anagha and Meghna Mukil of Chesterfield, Missouri, helped add the color for a mural set up for youngsters to paint.

The youngsters also painted flowers and rocks at the festival.

“I used all the colors,” Anagha said.

The early wet weather didn’t keep people away Saturday.

“Art lovers come out rain or shine,” declared chairwoman Patti Gregory, as families and couples walked past under cloudy skies to view the artists on display.

Dan Hamilton is fond of the show, and not only because he appreciates the art. He and Jason Buss own Keil’s Antiques in downtown Belleville, and whatever disruption the fair causes to traffic, it makes up for it with increased attention to his business.

“Every year it increases our personal business, they come back and say, ‘I wish all Main Streets were like this,’” Hamilton said.

Art on the Square continues from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

“Sunday is always our biggest day for sales,” Gregory said.

And the weather? It’s supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny, she said.