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State Rep. Greenwood releases statement on budget work

State Rep. LaToya Greenwood
State Rep. LaToya Greenwood

State Rep. LaToya Greenwood, D-East St. Louis, issued the following statement Wednesday.

“Our local communities are suffering because the lack of a budget, but Governor Rauner continues to hold our state hostage while he pushes an agenda that serves the interest of his corporate CEO buddies and big corporations. Meanwhile, social service providers can’t provide services to our most vulnerable, schools may be unable to open, and working families struggle to make ends meet.”

“I refuse to let our communities, our elderly neighbors, and our most vulnerable residents suffer because the governor won’t return to the table to end the budget impasse. I remain ready to whatever it takes to end this impasse and pass an honest balanced budget.”

“House Democrats have worked to find common ground with the governor. Rauner has talked about a property tax freeze, and we went further and voted to actually cut property taxes for homeowners. The governor wanted to make Illinois friendly for businesses, and we worked to level the playing field for small and medium-sized businesses by cutting taxes and fees.”

“The governor continues to demand changes that will pad the profits of big businesses on the backs of our middle-class families. We will continue to work throughout the summer to close the Rauner budget deficit and lift up local families. But to do this, we need the governor to come back to the table and start working in good faith.”

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