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Cahokia man charged with kidnapping, harming pizza delivery woman

A 23-year-old Cahokia man who tried to rob and secretly confine a 34-year-old pizza delivery woman was charged Friday with seven felonies related to the offense.

Rashad Lumpford, of Cahokia, was charged by St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly with aggravated kidnapping/inflicting harm. The warrant charging Lumpford identified the victim by initials J.J,. and said Lumpford held her against her will and cut her on her hand with a knife, inflicting great bodily harm.

Lumpford is charged with an additional count of aggravated kidnapping/inflicting harm for knowingly secretly confining the victim while attempting criminal aggravated sexual assault, the arrest warrant said.

Lumpford was also charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault/weapon for using an object that led his victim to believe the object was a dangerous weapon. Another charge issued against Lumpford was aggravated robbery. indicating he had a firearm. The warrant said Lumpford. while indicating he had a firearm attempted to take pizza.

Cahokia Police handled the case.

For detaining the victim against her will y threatening her with a knife, Kelly charged Lumpford with aggravated unlawful restraint and aggravated unlawful restraint. He was also charged with battery and battery/use deadly for causing great bodily harm to his victim while using a weapon.

Bond for Rashad is set at $750,000.