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Belleville police search for owner of jewelery stolen from car

Belleville Police have recovered several pieces of jewelry that may be connected to car burglaries from late May.

During investigations of the several car burglaries to vehicles during the week of May 27, Belleville Police recovered jewelry, but haven’t found the owners yet.

Police are asking the public to contact them at 618-234-1212 if their car was robbed on the east end of Belleville in the last week of May, especially if they hadn’t reported the burglary before and are missing jewelery.

BPD isn’t releasing photos or descriptions of the jewelry at this time, said Master Sgt. Todd Keilbach. They’re hoping that will avoid any false claims that the jewelry belongs to anyone but the owner.

However, if there’s no progress on finding the owner soon, BPD will release further description of the jewelry.