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They tried to flush their counterfeit bills down the toilet, but police got to them first

Troy Police confiscated counterfeit bills produced in a hotel room.
Troy Police confiscated counterfeit bills produced in a hotel room.

When police came knocking at the Troy hotel room where two New York men were producing counterfeit money, one tried to flush the fake bills down the toilet while the other talked to officers, according to charges filed in federal court.

A man later identified as Quincy Battice, 29, and Linvol R. Cummings, 32, had booked a hotel room at the Red Roof Inn, where they used a Kodak printer and scanner to make sheets of $50, $20 and $10 bills, some of which they spent at Walgreens and CVS stores in Glen Carbon and Collinsville.

The two men were charged last week with producing and spending the counterfeit money.

Troy police initially responded to the hotel at around 4 a.m. on June 24 to a report of a woman who said she had been raped, according to charges. The woman refused to provide her personal information to a police dispatcher, but police learned which room the suspects were staying in from a hotel worker.

When police knocked on the door and announced themselves, they heard “moving items and talking,” according to the charges. A skinny black male opened the door after officers knocked again while a heavy-set black male was in the bathroom flushing the fake bills.

While one officer talked with the man at the door, another officer saw the other man flushing the bills and what appeared to be baggies of crack cocaine. The officer then entered the room to prevent destruction of evidence, according to charges. Police obtained a search warrant from the circuit court and searched the room.

The men had tried to hide more counterfeit bills in the toilet’s tank, police said. Police later seized $20 counterfeit bills from the stores where the men had spent them, according to charges. Later, hotel workers found more counterfeit images of $20 bills behind the headboard of the room’s bed.

Cummings admitted to knowingly possessing and spending fake bills provided to him by Battice, according to charges.

Battice originally gave investigators a different name and has been charged with making false statements to a Secret Service agent.

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