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Centreville Republican to run for state representative in District 114

Jason Madlock, a Republican, wants to unseat the current state representative in the 114th District, Latoya Greenwood. Greenwood is in her first term as state representative after winning in the November election.

Madlock, 30, who was elected Centreville Township assessor in April, was accompanied at a press conference by three people who said they support him: They were Tanya Hildenbrand who is running for a seat in the Senate’s 57th district; Doug Jameson, the Republican candidate in the 113th District; and Dan O’Keefe, a local businessman.

Jason Madlock
Jason Madlock

O’Keefe said according to the census from July 2015-July 2016, 1,320 people left St. Clair County. He also said Madison County had a net loss. St. Charles, Missouri gained 5,747 new residents during that time.

“A lot of the reason people are leaving is because of taxes. We’re spending all this money and we have less people. Jason Madlock is passionate when he talks about the community where he grew up watching his father get involved in politics. When he graduated from Cahokia High School, you needed 24 credits; now you only need a minimum of 13,” O’Keefe said. “If we don’t graduate as many kids, we can lower the bar.”

072417 CPS Madlock crowd
Supperters gathered as Jason Madlock, center, announced his candidacy for state representative in District 114. Carolyn P. Smith/BND

Madlock told the crowd that July 24 was a special day to him because it was the day his father, Gregory Branson, was born. He said Illinois is home to him and he has no plans to go anywhere. He said he is against increasing taxes, is for term limits, and wants to bring more jobs to Illinois residents.

Madlock said he knows that East St. Louis, Centreville, Washington Park and Alorton, are largely Democratic. Madlock said when asked whether he thinks he can win, “Yes, I can.”

“People are voting with their feet.” Madlock said he intends to be a name they recognize. He said he won’t be like most politicians. “People see them until they elect them and after they are elected, good luck trying to find them.”

Madlock is the current committeeman in Ward 3 in Centreville.

“I want people to call me directly if they have a problem. I want them to know that they will always see me because I will be out amongst them working for them.”