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Walmart Neighborhood Market opens in Collinsville

It’s not cashier-free, but the newest Walmart location in the metro-east takes the concept of “grab-and-go” shopping to the next level with online grocery pickup, prepared meals and a tech-savvy pharmacy.

Only three registers at Collinsville’s Walmart Neighborhood Market will be manned by associates. Eight other lanes are self-checkout for convenience, store manager Shane Jordan said Tuesday.

Don’t have time to go inside? An associate will bag your groceries and bring them to your car.

“This is a new format for this part of the St. Louis metro, one whose smaller footprint focuses on fresh produce and allows customers to get in and out quickly,” Jordan said. “Walmart continually invests in new ways to save its customers time and money – and this store is a great example.”

A day before the store opened, Jordan was busy giving tours of the store at 1101 Belt Line Road. A grand opening is at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday.

And, that’s when some metro-east residents could learn the market is more about convenience than size.

You could fit three or four Walmart Neighborhood Markets inside of a Walmart Super Center.

The market offers fresh produce, bakery, deli and grocery items along with pharmacy and household products. But if you’re looking for clothing, fishing gear or the hardware aisle you’ll still have to head to a super center for that.

About 125 associates will man the store along with machines.

“We want you to come in here and feel like you’re family,” Jordan said. “We’ve already done many great things in the community that I feel are going to continue on.”

The store has donated $11,000 to civic organizations including: the local food bank, senior center and Caseyville Elementary School.

City Manager Mitch Bair said the giant retailer did not receive tax incentives from Collinsville. A rezoning request for the store was approved without push back from the city council.

An old K-Mart building occupied the site before Walmart moved in, Bair said. The building was nearly twice the size of the Walmart Market Neighborhood Market.

As for small business owners in Collinsville, most aren’t worried about Walmart coming into town.

“I think its competition is good,” said Ryan Dallape, co-owner of Dean’s Liquor on Main Street. “It’s tougher for the small guys like us, but I don’t think it will affect our business a whole lot.”

Dallape’s wife works at Walmart’s first location in Collinsville, 1040 Collinsville Crossing Blvd. The Neighborhood Market’s hours will be from 6 a.m. to midnight daily. A fuel station in front of the store is also open for business.