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Metro-east police pursue, arrest driver of stolen vehicle in high speed chase

Police arrested a suspect after a nearly two-hour pursuit Saturday night, according to the St. Clair County Emergency Management Agency.

The chase began on Interstate 55 and Interstate 70 just at around 8 p.m. and covered nearly 50 miles as the driver raced down Interstate 70 westbound at least at 90 mph, the agency posted on social media.

The driver tried to strike the officers’ vehicles multiple times during the chase, according to the agency.

The vehicle hit spike strips laid on the road in Earth City, Mo., but got off the interstate and continued to drive at 30 mph toward Zumbehl Road in St. Charles, Mo.

The subject continued to drive on the rims of the car’s tires and was arrested at 270 and Lilac Avenue in St. Louis at around 9:40 p.m, according to the post.

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