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Belleville finally gets a food truck. And it’s serving pizza!

A new pizza truck is rolling through Belleville

Michael Pastor, owner of Pie Hard, talks about his new food truck on the west end of Belleville.
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Michael Pastor, owner of Pie Hard, talks about his new food truck on the west end of Belleville.

They call her Lucy.

She’s big. She’s blue. She’s hard to miss. The new Pie Hard pizza truck rolling around the metro-east and St. Louis calls a small storefront at 8201 W. Main St. in Belleville home.

It’s right next to the neighborhood’s new ice cream shop Scoops.

Pie Hard chef and owner Michael Pastor named the food truck after John McClane’s daughter in the movie “Die Hard.” The company’s name is also a play on the movie.

“We just had fun with the name,” Pastor, a Waterloo resident, said. “And, it kind of stuck for us.”

Customers like the name, but now that the food truck is open, Pastor is more focused on the menu. He’s using fresh ingredients to make 10-inch brick-oven pizzas.

The brick oven inside of Lucy heats up to 800 degrees, allowing Pastor and his crew to cook a pie in 3 minutes. Customers barely have enough time to listen to a song before their name is being called by Megan Keefe, co-owner of Pie Hard.

Keefe runs the business side of things while Pastor focuses on the menu.

Pie Hard serves gourmet pizza with unexpected toppings. The Vladi is one of the most popular pies on the menu. Topped with vodka sauce, meatballs, rosemary, pickled shallots and mozzarella, the pie is popular among traditionalists who might not be ready to step totally outside of the box.

But if you are ready to take a plunge, you might want to try the Cuban, a pizza named after the signature sandwich.

Pie Hard serves handmade ice cream sandwiches, too.

“We’ve gotten great feedback from the two weeks we’ve been open,” Keefe said Wednesday. “We’re hoping that the residents on the west end want us to continue to open here.”

The truck plans to book special events, but customers will be able to visit Lucy at home in Belleville, too.

Pie Hard will be parked outside of its test kitchen from 5 to 9 p.m. Aug. 10-11 at 8201 West Main St. The truck will be open for lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday in the same location.

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