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Chicago gets snow, we have sun and a question: When do we get ours?

Chicago got their first snow Friday, so when do we get ours?

We don’t know, forecasters at the National Weather Service say. We also don’t know what it will be – snow, sleet or freezing rain.

Predicting exactly what temperatures will be on a certain date – or what types of precipitation might fall – is beyond today’s abilities, says meteorologist Mark Britt with the National Weather Service in St. Louis.

But based on the Climate Prediction Center in Washington, D.C., the winter months of December, January and February will average out to be “slightly” above normal in temperature and precipitation for our region.

That’s an “average of the entire winter season,” Britt says, which means we could get one big storm of some kind or several with smaller precipitation amounts.

“Average” for the seasonal winter precipitation – that’s anything cold-related, not just the three official months of winter – is 24.3 inches in St. Louis, Britt said.

Last winter was one of the driest on record, with 3.42 inches of winter precipitation, according to weather service data.

What the weather will predict is Friday’s high temperature, expected to be 41 degrees in St. Louis.