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East St. Louis teen charged with Belleville carjacking

An East St. Louis teen succeeded in one carjacking and attempted two others in Belleville in October, according to charges filed Thursday.

Kedrieon M. Thomas, 17, was charged Thursday in St. Clair County with unlawful possession of a stolen vehicle, aggravated robbery, vehicular hijacking and two counts of attempted vehicle hijacking.

Charges allege that on Oct. 21, Thomas approached three different people to steal their cars. In one case, Thomas pointed a BB gun at a woman and demanded she exit her car, charges say. In another, he demanded that a woman give him her keys as he pointed a BB gun at her. Both of those instances resulted in the attempted vehicle hijacking charges.

In a third instance, still on Oct. 21, Thomas allegedly approached a person, insinuating that he had a firearm, and took keys and a purse from them. He then drove off in their car, according to charges.

That same day, a Belleville police officer attempted to pull Thomas over as he drove the stolen car. Thomas did not comply, according to charges, and continued to drive.

Thomas was arrested Oct. 21, then was released and apprehended again on a warrant Thursday. He was arraigned Friday and is no longer in custody at the St. Clair County Jail.