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Suspect in 2012 shooting death is back in jail after he’s found mentally fit

William Warner
William Warner

Authorities brought a 21-year-old Washington Park man accused of a 2012 murder back to the St. Clair County Jail on Monday after doctors deemed him mentally fit to stand trial.

Prosecutors say William Warner and codefendant Alan Davis Jr. killed 19-year-old Jonathan Williams on April 22, 2012, by shooting the man in the chest and head. Warner was 16 at the time.

Davis, now 26, entered a plea deal after receiving treatment at an Alton mental health center. He pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and was sentenced to 12 years in prison in January 2014, court records indicate. He was 21 at the time of the shooting.

Alan Davis Jr.

Warner has been in the custody of the Department of Human Services, undergoing mental evaluations at Chester Mental Health Center in Chester. A doctor overseeing his case said in a statement to the court on Sept. 20 that the suspect is now mentally fit to stand trial, according to an order filed Monday.

“Defendant remanded to the custody of the St. Clair County Jail with strict orders that the jail continue to provide his prescribed medication,” Judge Randall Kelly wrote in an order.

Warner was first found unfit by the court in 2013.

He then was found mentally fit to stand trial in February 2015. However, in October of that year a different doctor deemed him unfit. Doctors believed he would become fit after a course of psychiatric medications and treatment.

Additional details regarding Williams’ death and Warner’s mental health condition were unavailable.

Warner was booked on a $2 million bail in April 2012. In March 2015, it was reduced to $1 million after his defense attorney requested a reduction. He is scheduled to appear for a hearing Jan. 30, where attorneys will schedule a trial date.

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