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Illinois community college may lose 20 percent of faculty to new regulations

An exterior shot of the Library & Administration Building at Illinois Central College.
An exterior shot of the Library & Administration Building at Illinois Central College. Wikimedia Commons

A central Illinois community college may be losing 20 percent of its faculty next month due to new regulations.

Illinois Central College notified 91 of its 490 part-time instructors that they may not be eligible to teach this spring unless they can prove they meet new, stricter qualifications. The new regulation applies only to courses that transfer to four-year colleges, but it affects as much as 20 percent of the part-time instructors at the college, according to the Peoria Journal-Star.

Another 10 of the 167 full-time faculty members will also have to teach a narrower range of classes.

According to news reports, the new regulations came from the Higher Learning Commission, which handles accreditation for 1,000 institutions of higher learning in a 19-state region. The guidelines revised expectation for faculty members, requiring that they must have a master’s degree or 18 graduate-level credit hours in the subjects they teach.

The deadline for compliance was in September, but the fall semester had already begun at Illinois Central College, according to the Journal-Star.

ICC will be recruiting new instructors, consolidating classes, offering more online options and increasing course loads to cope with the sudden changes.

Other central Illinois colleges told the Journal-Star they had already complied with the new regulations and would not be affected by the deadline. It was not immediately known whether Southwestern Illinois College or Lewis & Clark Community College were affected.

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