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Chicagoans will vote in ‘reeferendum’ on legalizing recreational pot

Chicago voters will be able to voice their opinion on legalizing the recreational use of marijuana, but even voting for it may not make it legal.

Cook County commissioners voted Wednesday to put the advisory referendum on the ballot in March.

“What the referendum seeks to do is let our constituents weigh in,” said Commissioner John Fritchey to the Chicago Tribune. Fritchey is a a Chicago Democrat and longtime proponent of legalization.

Fritchy, tongue-in-cheek, called the ballot question a “reeferendum.”

The March ballot will include the nonbinding question: “Shall the state of Illinois legalize the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, and sale of marijuana and marijuana products for recreational use by adults 21 and older subject to state regulation, taxation and local ordinance?”

Penalties in Illinois for possession of marijuana vary but can include a $100 fine for possessing less than 10 grams of the drug, according to the Sun-Times.