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What do opponents, supporters of St. Elizabeth’s move have to say?

“There’s no reason for them (St. Elizabeth’s) to leave Belleville...other than to get a richer payer mix. The board should be taking into consideration how much this affects the city of Belleville. If they deny the application, nothing bad will happen to the city of O’Fallon. If they approve the application, there will be catastrophic effects for the city of Belleville.”

— Stepanie Dorris, member of Oppose The Move

“Only 7 miles is quite a distance for the poor who have no means of transportation...It is contrary to Francis to ask those in need to travel to him; rather, Franciscans are — and have been for centuries — right among the people...not in a well-to-do place, asking the people instead to come to them.”

— Monsignor John Myler, rector to St. Peter’s Cathedral

“I think they should stay here (in Belleville), build a new hospital here so we can all benefit from that new hospital. I think moving that hospital to the northeast further away from the poor is a shame. I truly believe that they are moving to get a better payer mix.”

— Geri Boyer, manager of Kaskaskia Engineering

“The hospital is not placed in a great place in Belleville ... I would imagine it’s hard for an ambulance driver to get through the downtown area...all those seconds you spend stopping at stop lights and going through circle drives, that’s somebody’s life. To have the other hospital right off the interstate, it will be a perfect place for our patients.”

— Mallory Taylor, registered nurse at St. Elizabeth’s

“The replacement hospital will be easier to reach for many of our residents because of its location along a major interstate. A modern St. Elizabeth’s Hospital will also help us attract specialists to southwestern Illinois and provide greater access to acute care services for patients from across the region.”

— Brian Nall, president Greenville Hospital

“I think it (St. Elizabeth’s relocation) is well-planned-out for the future. I am always concerned when I hear people making decisions based on today...we have to be looking at the long term. The long term of the present location and their building is not likely for the possibility of the hospital to provide as well as it would at a new location.”

— Paul Evans, business owner in O’Fallon