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Illinois teen learns marijuana and courthouse do not mix

A 15-year-old girl told courthouse officers that she could buy, and apparently carry into the Peoria County Courthouse, marijuana if she wanted to.

Officers disagreed.

The girl was with two other females going into the courthouse Thursday, according to the Peoria Journal-Star. The metal detector twice sounded an alarm as she walked through; the metal-detecting wand also indicated metal.

The girl revealed she was carrying two packs of cigarettes. The officer opened them to find “two brown, cigar-like cigarettes. ... The contraband smelled and appeared to be cannabis.”

“She then stated I could write her a ticket if I wanted to, but she was not going to go to court or pay any fines — that she had the right, if she wanted, to spend her money on cigarettes and cannabis,” the Peoria County Sheriff’s report said.

The girl already had two juvenile warrants for aggravated battery; she was taken to the county’s Juvenile Detention Center and her marijuana was confiscated.