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Suspect’s boyfriend says sex-change ‘mood swings’ led to kitten killings

A 25-year-old Decatur resident is accused of killing four kittens during “violent mood swings” while reportedly taking testosterone as part of a gender transition.

Police say Elaina M. Chamblin killed three of the kittens May and October of 2017 by throwing or bashing them against a wall, according to a WAND report. Chamblin’s boyfriend said another kitten was killed while Chamblin was sitting in a car.

Chamblin’s boyfriend said the mood swings began in May after Chamblin started taking testosterone as part of a gender transition, according to the Herald & Review.

Chamblin has pleaded not guilty to aggravated cruelty to animals, according to the Herald Review report.

During a Jan.9 arraignment, Chamblin waived the right to a preliminary hearing. A pretrial hearing is scheduled in Macon County Circuit Court on Feb. 26.

After posting $5,000 bail with the condition of not having contact with any animal, Chamblin was released from Macon County jail.

According to a study by Carleton College on hormone therapy, the effects of taking testosterone can vary based on the individual.

In some cases, people undergoing hormone therapy have reported feeling less anxious and calmer when they begin taking hormones, according to the study. Others, however, report increased irritability, frustration and anger.

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