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Man tortured into confession will walk free in Illinois

Jaime Hauad will walk out of prison in Hillsboro by Friday, presumably with the toes of his shoes intact.

Hauad was convicted of two gang-related killings after he confessed to the crimes. Chicago police tortured him during his 1997 interrogation, using an industrial paper-cutter to slice off the toes of his sneakers. He has been in prison for 21 years, The Chicago Tribune reports.

“In light of the Torture Inquiry Relief Commission’s findings and an exhaustive review by the Conviction Integrity Unit, the State’s Attorney’s Office has agreed to a reduction in Mr. Hauad’s sentence and his immediate release,” said Robert Foley of the state’s attorney’s office.

Hauad, now 37, remains convicted of the crimes; his attorney says he has always maintained his innocence and will pursue exoneration.