Metro-East News

Real estate: What’s your neighbor’s house selling for?



2709 Pro Tour Drive; from Kyle Williams and Richelle Williams; to Jason Pense and Beth Pense; $247,500.

409 S. High St.; from Murphy Shalabi; to Wendy Wachter; $99,000.

714 Wabash Ave.; from Clint Forsythe and Lindsay Forsythe; to Alan Morrill, Carla Morrill, Jacob Campbell; $87,500.

208 Clearwater Drive; from David Sells and Lisa Sells; to Rashel Jefferson and Jerome Jefferson; $217,000.

2612 Autumn Harvest Lane; from Patrick J. Audinet Jr. and Kimberly D. Audinet; to Marc W. Gilbertson; $185,000.

1724 N. Charels St.; from Ronald J. Becherer, Nancy K. Billhartz, Jayne M. Knapp, Barbara C. Kimutis; to Kellie E. Midkiff; $69,000.

3132 Roan Hill Drive; from Harold Whitworth and Linda Whitworth; to Scott Hill and Stephanie Hill; $345,000.

1932 Galway Drive; from Mervin M. Satterlee; to Tiffany Guthrie; $145,000.

602 Hampton Court; from Robert L. Tanking and Peggy L. Tanking; to Neil Haukap; $70,000.

120 Brittany Lane; from Timothy Gotto and Jamie L. Gotto; to Vanessa L. Ware and Johnny L. Ware II; $126,000.

1941 Hawksbill Drive; from Jean M. Schifferdecker; to Theodore C. Miner Jr. and Ethel M. Miner; $215,000.

220 Country Club Acres; from Morton Community Bank; to Rebecca E. Young; $88,000.

6515 Old St. Louis Road; from Robert A. Davis and Amy M. Davis; to Shanna Rousey; $96,000.

204-212 Gettysburg Road; from Tom Elliott, Sucessor Trustee; to Paul M. White and Deanne M. White; $136,500.

18 Clinton Hill Drive; from Tony R. Crenshaw; to John T. Middendorff and Andrea M. Dugger; $89,000.

426 N. 39th St.; from Rosemary V. Hoffman; to Stephen W. Hoffman; $50,000.


409 St. Nicholas; from National Bank; to Dave Cason; $11,000.

13 Hanover Lane; from Linda Marshall; to Larry W. Jameson; $16,000.


201 Oliver St.; from Anthony J. Janini and Barbara J. Janini; to Steven W. Smith: $119,000.


112 N. 75thSt., Constance R. Quigley; to Manna Tree Enterprises LLC; $31,000.


208 Keeneland Court; from Todd A. Gilmore and Jodi L. Gilmore; to Jason Ort and Kristian L. Ort; $197,500.

22 Woodland Drive; from Timothy Walsh; to James Evans and Laura Evans; $80,000.


229 Lime St.; from Kevin D. Hergenroeder Sr.; to William E. Dieser Jr. and Rebecca L. Smith; $55,000.


1513 N. 53rd St.; Michael G. Gelolat; to Earlene Towns; $1,000.


212 Toulon Court; from Kenneth Crossley and Bonnie Crossley; to Andrew Dragovan and Hillary Dragovan; $120,000.

32 Potomac Drive; from James C. Cronin and Janet E. Cronin; to FMW Assets LLC; $55,000.

208 Bayberry Drive; from David R. Riechmann and Haley J. Riechmann; to Christopher S. Franklin and Nicole T. Franklin; $202,000.


514 N. Main St.; from First National Bank of Dieterich; to Andrew Schmitz; $118,000.

8312 Jacks Run Road; from Kevin Edelen and Leann Edelen; to Samantha D. Imlay; $360,000.


1315 Bernhardt Road; from Thomas P. Moreland Sr. and Tracy L. Moreland; to Thomas P. Moreland Jr.; $175,000.


417 S. Bess Ave.; from Edward F. Weinman; to Roland D. Young Jr.; $25,000.


1219 Larkspur; from Juan D. Cardona; to Scott W. VinCamp to Lisa A. VinCamp; $185,000.


519 W. Washington St.; from Wayne Jones, Patricia Crawford, Frieda M. Jones; to Richard A. Holmes II and Tracy L. Holmes; $90,000.

120 Gladwyn Drive; from Robert Wachtel and Jessica M. Wachtel; to Corinne C. Kirby; $210,000.


1539 Peach Orchard Lane; from Kerley Properties LLC; to Adam M. Kilgore and Gillian C. Kilgore; $186,500.

112 Spyglass Court; from Emmerson Blie Jr.; to Lexicon Government Services LLC; $347,500.

532 Ingleside Lane; from Daniel A. Fri and Mison A. Fri; to Cartus Corp.; $422,500.

739 Carol Ann Drive; from Gregg R. Sweeten and Cheryl L. Sweeten; to Bradley S. Fairbairn and Kimberly M. Brown; $210,000.

410 E. Adams St.; from Clara R. Schachner by Donna K. Kloustermeyer, Her Attorney; to Peacock Holdings LLC; $87,500.

612 Shamrock Drive; from Kristopher C. Nagy and Sarah E. Nagy; to Terry D. Johnson and Melissa S. Johnson; $241,500.

1516 Nottinghill Drive; from Daniel A. Lester; to Michael A. Murray and Kari R. Murray; $218,500.

1213 Applewhite Road; from Rey A. Neville and Mary A. Neville; to Chelsea S. ARnold and Alexander Altman; $174,000.

1262 Elisabeth Drive; from Michael Bianco and Angie Bianco; to Christopher Gilmore and Misty Gilmore; $297,000.


5538 Willow Crossing St.; from D & F Contracting Inc.; to Kevin Harris and Theresa Harris; $290,000.

4524 Elk Meadows Lane; from Amanda Walden aka Amanda Cummins; to Jerry Casten and Claudia Casten; $134,000.

2 E. Fischer St.; from Marjean Webb; to Kenneth C. Bozsa and Wanda L. Gozsa; $56,000.


401 St. Sabre Drive; from Don Grosse; to Robert Z. Frisch and Hannah C. Frisch; $152,000.

212 Castellano Drive; from Imagineering Development Corp.; to Gavin McNutt; $104,000.



4974 Alhambra Road; from Leslie H. Breuer and Barbara Breuer; to Steven E. Lynn and Kristina L. Lynn; $210,000.


1004 McPherson Ave.; from William Valyo Jr. and Melissa Valyo; to Travis Bosich and Rachael Bosich; $115,000.

1712 Clawson St.; from Thomas C. Anton Jr., Rosemary Anton, Rosemary Anton Revocable Living Trust; to Janet A. Bean; $65,000.

800 Easton St.; from Thomas H. Dunphy and Norma Dunphy; to Sue A. Hurley; $68,500.


505 Arizona St.; from Gateway Home Builders LLC; to Melanie Thomas and Matt Thomas; $179,500.

314 Ridge Drive; from Champaign Investment LLC; to Andrew Becker and Kacey Becker; $94,500.


16 St. Louis Road; from Novella M. Peyla and Charles J. Peyla; to Jonathan Tenting; $49,000.

209 Willow Road; from Daniel J. Fisher and Sandra K. Fisher; to Lawrence J. Logsdon and Terry Orebaugh; $172,000.


804 Sherman Ave.; from Misty Sherfy; to Kyle Marley and Bria K. Williams; $116,000.

7016 Remington Court; from Stone Financing LLC; to Ronald W. greiner and Lisa K. Greiner; $200,000.

112 Behrens Drive; from Matthew M. Klamm and Stefanie M. Klamm; to Curtis E. Chandler and Desiree P. Chandler; $195,000.

1032 Grand Ave.; from Amy M. Langhauser aka Amy M. Cureton; to Roy H. Bischoff III; $120,000.

902 Chaderic Court; from James Briggs and Kelly Briggs; to Joshua Wooten and Ambre Boggs; $221,600.

292 Deep Cover Drive; from Janet A. Beana nd Daryl E. Bean; to Andrea L. Wetzel; $110,000.


201 Sturbridge Blvd.; from Linda Arteaga; to Matthew M. Klamm and Stefanie A. Klamm; $243,000.

21 Ginger Crest Drive; from William H. Ayers and Terry Ayers; to Robert D. Springer and Courtney A. Tobin; $554,600.

5 Timber Stone Court; from Micheal W. Hamilton and Barbara H. Hamilton; to Alenda Branch; $390,000.


2312 Dwight Drive; from Brandy J. Turner and Douglas E. Turner; to Carmen G. Bettis; $128,000.

2520 Delmar Ave.; from Kenneth R. Wojtowicz and Kathryn M. Wojtowicz; to Olivia D. Monroe; $53,000.


130 Falcon Drive; from Ravi Prasad and Savita Prasad; to Bradley M. Shelburg and April L. Shelburg; $163,000.

2759 Water Lily Lane; from B. John Kauling, John Kauling, Ruth Kauling, Kim Kauling, Don Kauling; to Adam R. Nanney and Amanda J. Nanney; $54,000.

30 Fox Run Court; from Eric Hess; to John T. Hipskind and Wendy K. Hipsking; $42,500.


1022 Oberkfell Drive; from Harold K. Oberkfell; to Harold K. Oberkfell and Marcia Evans; $182,750 mortgage, but no sales price available.


4837 Wanda Road; from Michelle E. Wood, Brenda Eschbacher, David A. Wood, Donald E. Wood; to Andrew M. Wood; $98,500.


764 Sundance Trail; from Ronald J. Murray; to Stephen Frizzo and Amanda Frizzo; $169,500.

18 Saddlebrooke; from William E. Preston and Elizabeth A. Preston; to Richard D. Wilson and M. Christina Wilson; $233,000.


224 S. 13th St.; from Shelby Gibson and Shirley Gibson; to Robert W. Woodruff and Mary L. Woodruff; $67,000.


7951 Renken Road; from James Wells and Sherry Wells; to Barbara McDonald and Tia Simms; $306,000.



1206 Blue Spruce; from Julie Ingold and Peter Ingold; to Kenneth Hawn and Stephanie Hawn; $285,000.

1508 Clover Ridge; from Keith C. Renner and Maria J. Renner; to Derek Pechacek and Erin Pechacek; $370,500.

212 Gall Road; from Julie Ingold and Peter Ingold; to Jason R. Megginson; $165,000.

1 March Court; from Kristen Birk; to Aaron Floarke and Kaitlin Speichinger; $189,000.

951 High Ridge Drive; from Angela M. Sackman and Chad J. Sackman; to Kimberley R. Siegel; $250,000.

12 Justin Drive; from Kimberely R. Siegel; to Angela Sackman and Chad Sackman; $350,000.

17 Hill Castle; from Donna K. Potts and Mark A. Potts; to Melissa M. Reynolds; $171,000.

134 Glendale Drive; from Beverly F. Harrison, James E. Mueller, Lester M. Mueller, Deceased; to Angela L. Dinkelman and Jared M. Dinkelman; $127,500.


511 Alpine; from Mon-Clair Properties LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $30,000.

511 Mary Drive; from Karen A. Waterman and Norman E. Waterman Jr.; to Kayla KOch and Ryan Koch; $142,000.

8 Station West; from Jeremy Gummersheimer and Melissa L. Gummersheimer; to Tamara Cecena; $98,500.

4916 Kaskaskia Road; from Vickie L. Kaiser, Co-Executor, Shirley J. Phelps, Deceased, Steven W. Phelps, Co-Executor; to Daniel T. Hanner and Robin C. Hanner; $147,000.

503-505 Park St.; from First Bank; to Waterloo Apt. Partners LLC; $460,000.

205 W. Rose Lane; from Julie L. Mecalo; to Kayla R. Kistner and Neil A. Kistner; $272,000.

8760 D Road; from Mark W. Brawley; to Bryce Fickas and LindsayFickas; $116,000.

422 Dury Place; from Mon-Clair Properties LLC; to C A Jones Inc.; $25,000.

5219 Timber Lakes Drive; from William E. Pritchard; to James F. Barnes; $10,500.