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Man smelling of manure now on trial for killing woman

A manure-covered grave, a mysterious horseback ride and texts between a husband and wife that may not remain privileged are all part of a first-degree murder trial in Putnam County this week.

Clifford Andersen was charged in the disappearance and death of Deborah Dewey, his wife’s sister, in November, WQAD-8 reported. Dewey’s body was found at a home where Andersen had access as a caretaker, the Peoria Journal-Star says.

Dewey’s body was found in September 2016 after she had been missing for three weeks. Andersen was among those searching for the woman, at one point telling his wife that he and a friend had gone out on horseback to look, the Peoria Journal-Star reports. His wife told others that Andersen had “smelled like manure” when he got home. The friend that Andersen said he was with told police he had not seen the defendant in 25 years, and he had not gone horseback riding with Andersen.

Andersen had purchased manure 10 days before Dewey’s body was found. In a motion to the court, prosecutors said it “was the same manure the defendant purchased” as was found covering her body.