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Truck driver accused of stealing cash, gift cards from USPS mail he was transporting

A contracted truck driver in Southern Illinois stole cash and gift cards from USPS mail he was supposed to transport to a sorting facility, according to federal charges.

Paul S. Miller served as a highway contracted route driver for the United States Postal Service in October and November 2017, according to a federal indictment filed Wednesday. During those two months, an unnamed postmaster on Miller’s route — which transported mail between St. Louis, through the Southern District of Illinois (including St. Clair County), to Montgomery County and back to St. Louis — began receiving complaints from patrons who said cards with cash or gift cards weren’t making it to their destination.

The postmaster found undelivered mail in a recycling bin behind the post office Nov. 22, and when clerks at other post offices checked, they also found undelivered mail in the bins, according to the indictment. That same day, the postmaster saw Miller throwing mail into a dumpster behind the Hillsboro, Illinois, post office. When he searched the dumpster, the postmaster found about 40 pieces of mail from Miller’s route that had been rifled through.

In early December, postal inspectors gave Miller some test mail, and again saw him dump rifled through mail in a recycling bin at the Witt, Illinois, post office, according to the indictment.

Miller initially said he had rifled through the mail looking for cash, but had not yet taken anything, according to the indictment. But when told he had been captured on surveillance video using a stolen Walmart gift card, he said he had been stealing cash and gift cards from the mail.

Inspectors found a $20 bill that they had placed in a greeting card, among other items, in Miller’s front pants pocket, according to the indictment. If Miller didn’t throw the mail away behind a post office, he said he would put it in a dumpster at a Pilot gas station in St. Clair County.

Miller is set to be arraigned in February in the U.S. District Court of Southern Illinois.

Editor’s note: Paul S. Miller’s employer was incorrectly identified in earlier versions of this story. Miller was a contracted truck driver for USPS who transported mail from St. Louis through Southern Illinois to Montgomery County, Illinois.