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Looking to buy a car? These Illinois counties have the best deals.

Cars purchased in Monroe County will cost buyers about $344 less than the state average, making it the fourth-cheapest county to buy a car in Illinois, according to a survey by Autolist.

Autolist officials surveyed more than 320,000 listings in all 102 counties to compile a list of the top 84 counties to purchase a car in.

Madison and St. Clair counties are numbers 24 and 25, respectively, on the Autolist survey, costing $278 and $325 more than average. Bond County is one of the most expensive, landing 78 of the 84 counties ranked costing $1,868 more than the state average.

To save the most, head to DuPage County, where it’s $685 less than the state average to buy a car. If money is no object, head to Pulaski, where you might pay more than $4,000 more than the state average.