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If you get sent child porn on Facebook, don’t open the video or share it, police warn

Police across the country were warning social media users to ignore an image or video of child pornography being shared across the platforms.

Maryland Heights Police Department tweeted Saturday that they were aware of the content being shared, and warned people to not open the video or send it to anyone. Viewing or sharing child pornography is illegal, and can lead to criminal charges.

Many people shared the video to try to identify the man shown abusing the young girl, but this can do more harm than good, Tony Garrett with Central Alabama CrimeStoppers told WHNT News 19.

FBI officials and federal prosecutors were investigating the case, but because of the nature of the investigation, investigators weren’t confirming any information about potential arrests or charges, WHNT reported.

If you receive the video, report it to Facebook or the social media platform it was sent on and call local law enforcement. Don’t share the video to a police department’s Facebook page, and don’t share the video further. Don’t save the video or screenshots of it on your phone.