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We’ve changed for the better

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Our digital platform changed Wednesday as we continue our efforts to serve our readers on all the devices they use to read the Belleville News-Democrat.

Our new format will make it easier for you to find the best of what News-Democrat journalists provide: Local news, investigative and enterprise reporting, features, and sports coverage.

The goal as we make this change: To provide more information and to make that information more easily accessible to readers, whether they are sitting at a computer, using a smartphone or a tablet. In fact, we’ve organized the site to emphasize coverage we know our readers consistently return to, and topics that readers tell us are most important to them.

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Our digital site will load much more quickly – getting the latest breaking news to you even faster. Perhaps more importantly, the site is “responsive,” meaning it will tailor itself to the screen size of any device you use to get our news – from the smallest smartphone to the biggest desktop computer.

As you navigate the site, you’ll still find all the news that’s most important to you; we recommend you use our navigation bar at the top of the site to find your way around the new-look You’ll see stories containing galleries, videos and links to related stories and related content, ways to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, instructions on how to sign up for a digital subscription and our daily newsletters, and all the advertising and marketing content you’ve come to depend on.

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Whatever the changes in format, we promise this: We will continue to be your best source for news, features and sports coverage in the metro-east. No one can equal our coverage of Belleville and the rest of the communities in Southwestern Illinois, and that remains our principal mission.