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St. Clair County State’s Attorney files motion to remove Brooklyn board member

St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly has filed a complaint alleging that a Brooklyn trustee does not live in the village. Kelly wants Trustee Calvin Borders brought to court and ousted from his seat unless he can prove that he lives in and has lived in Brooklyn for the required amount of time that makes it legal for him to hold office.

Borders, according to the complaint, was elected to the village board in April 2013. And, Borders has continued to hold that position since 2013. But, when he was stopped on a warrant for traffic offenses that were alleged to have occurred in Madison County, Borders provided information that showed his current address was 422 Madison Ave. Apt. 2 in Madison.

Borders filed, using 407 Jefferson St., Brooklyn, which is a vacant lot. And, for the purposes of filing of his economic statement, Borders showed his voter registration to also be 407 Jefferson St., in Brooklyn.

Borders could not be reached for comment.

Brooklyn Mayor Vera Banks said the question about where Border’s lives came up at a board meeting and she asked the village attorney if he had been temporarily displaced and had plans to move back to Brooklyn and what the law was on that.

“The question came up at a board meeting, and I reached out to my attorney. He told me that if he is temporarily displaced and has intentions of moving back to Brooklyn, he is okay,” Banks said. “I know he has an application filed at the St. Clair Housing Authority for an apartment in the Thomas Terry Apartments, here in Brooklyn. He’s on the waiting list. If he’s not — that’s the last I was told.”

The document filed by Kelly’s office states that a person must reside in the municipality for one year next preceding the election.

Kelly wants Borders to answer the complaint against him and show “what authority he holds, exercises or claims to hold and exercise” that gives him the right to remain on the village board as a trustee. And, if Borders does not show the proper justification as required by law, that he be ousted by the courts from the village board.

The complaint is called “Complaint in Quo Warranto,” and the state’s attorney’s office can file this type of complaint against any person who usurps, intrudes or unlawfully holds or executes any office.

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