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ESL police officer suspended for allegedly sleeping on job

An unnamed East St. Louis police officer was put on unpaid administrative leave late Tuesday afternoon while an internal investigation into whether he was asleep on the job is under way.

East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore said someone saw the officer allegedly sleeping in his squad car on 25th and Louisiana Avenue. That person took a picture of the officer and posted it on social media. The picture circulated rapidly. Complaints then started rolling in to the Police Department and all over social media.

Some said that was unsafe for him to do. They said if they would place a 911 call, the officer may not have been able to respond as quickly as he should. Some said their tax dollars are not being returned the way they’re suppose to.

The outcry made it all the way to the East St. Louis Police Department. Floore said he can not provide many details because of an ongoing investigation. The unnamed officer has been an employee of the East St. Louis Police Department for five years and is 34 years old.

Floore said the investigation will be thorough and sleeping on the job will not be tolerated. “The citizens deserve more. Their tax dollars pays the officers’ salaries. When they come to work, we expect them to give our citizens 100 percent professionalism. Every officer on this department gets paid to do their jobs. We have to give our citizens what they pay for. Anything less, will not be tolerated,” Floore said.