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Employees caught not washing their hands at this Southern Illinois restaurant


A Carbondale restaurant had 18 health violations in a recent inspection, and an employee's actions before preparing sushi prompted the inspector to teach a hand-washing class.

Yamato Steak House of Japan, at 1013 E. Main St., Carbondale, scored an 81 in the latest health inspection, WSIL TV reported.

An employee adjusted his pants and then went on to prepare sushi, the inspector reported. The inspector discussed proper hand washing with some employees. Other violations included keeping foods at the proper temperature and properly labeled with the date it was prepared.

According to the Jackson County Health Department, the score given is out of 100. From July 2015 to June 30, 2016, the average score of a facility that served food from raw ingredients was 93.7. The average score from fast-food type restaurants in that time was a 96.

Kansas City Missouri Health Department shared their top critical violations found during routine inspections in 2016 at restaurants and grocery stores in Kansas City. Critical violations can contribute to foodborne illness.

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