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Child finds gun in nap bag at Glen Carbon day care

Letter to parents from Early Explorations Too officials.
Letter to parents from Early Explorations Too officials.

Police responded to a Glen Carbon day care after a 4-year-old found a gun in a nap-time bag on Monday.

The child was getting ready for nap time at Early Explorations Too, located at 3011 Old Troy Road, when the child found the handgun in the nap bag that had been brought with them that day, according to a Glen Carbon Police Department Facebook post.

No one was injured and teachers were immediately notified of the gun, police said. Two teachers and 17 children were in the classroom at the time.

The bag, Early Explorations President Jennie Fuller said in a letter, contained blankets and sheets for the week.

In a letter to parents, Fuller said the child was dropped off at 11:24 a.m. with the nap-time bag, which was taken to the Butterflies 2 classroom. At 11:28 a.m., the child opened the bag to make his cot and found a gun inside.

The child immediately took the gun to a teacher who took it from the child and called the office, according to Fuller's letter. The office took the gun, put it in a secure place and called the police.

Police took the gun and are still investigating the incident, according to the letter.

"We take this opportunity to remind parents that choose to own firearms of the need to practice gun safety and to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never put any such items in a child's nap-time bag or anywhere a child may have access to it," Fuller said in the letter.

Fuller also said the day care will now check all bags as they come into the child care center.

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