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Topless nightclub reopened after fentanyl scare

An adult nightclub where three people overdosed on what is believed to be fentanyl last week week has reopened after the club underwent a thorough cleaning, the owner says.

“For the continued safety of our employees and guests, we voluntarily closed our doors and had our building professionally cleaned after the incident last Friday morning,” said Micheal Ocella, the chief operating officer of the group that owns Roxy’s Nightclub.

Five people, including two police officers who responded to the scene, were taken to the hospital last Friday morning after they came in contact with an unknown substance at the club.. Police said two officers found three people unconscious in the building when they arrived. People were quarantined and a hazmat team was brought in.

Police later announced that the substance was fentanyl, a powerful opioid.

“After the building was cleaned, we had it tested for any remaining substance. The East Side Health District informed us yesterday at 4 p.m. that we were completely clean.”