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Listen to the first episode of the BND’s new podcast, 618 Explained

The Belleville News-Democrat has a new podcast, 618 Explained.

In each episode, you’ll hear interviews with BND reporters about the stories they write. You’ll hear the story behind the story, bits of information that didn’t make it into the piece and how it all came together.

The first episode will take you behind the scenes of President Donald Trump’s July 26 visit to Granite City with a half-hour discussion among the reporters who were there when protesters and supporters lined the streets, when Air Force One touched down and when the president spoke to an invitation-only crowd.

Join the 618 Explained Facebook group to see when new podcast episodes are available and to tell us which headlines you want to hear more about.

The podcast includes the voices of Kelsey Landis, Kaley Johnson and Lexi Cortes. Derik Holtmann is the producer. Episode 1 is based on the reporting of Kelsey Landis, Kaley Johnson, Lexi Cortes and Joseph Bustos.

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