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Illinois has best median SAT scores in the US. But what about its quality of schools?

A recently published survey says Illinois is tied with two other states for having the highest median SAT scores in the country, however the state didn’t rank so high when it came to quality and safety of its schools.

The state tied with Missouri and Wisconsin when it came to highest median SAT scores, according to a WalletHub study.

Even with the high test score ranking, Illinois came in behind 20 other states in the country when it came to overall quality of schools — coming in just behind Kentucky but ahead of Missouri, according to the survey.

The survey ranked Illinois 40th in safety.

In the survey, Illinois got a total score of 54.20 out of 100. Massachusetts had 74.16; the lowest, New Mexico, scored 31.53.

A news release said the survey looked at 25 factors in performance, funding, safety, class size and teacher credentials.

Graduation rates, dropout rates, reading and math scores and median SAT and ACT test scores all factored into ranking the quality of the schools. The share of high school students with access to illegal drugs, students not attending due to safety concerns and the share of armed high school students factored into the 20 points possible for safety.

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