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Printing operation is moving, but Belleville News-Democrat’s mission remains the same

No, we aren’t going out of business.

Some readers mistakenly thought our May announcement about shifting printing operations to Kansas City this summer meant there would be no more BND.

We will still be right here in Belleville, providing compelling journalism that is essential to our readers.

But starting Monday, the BND will be printed in Kansas City.

This decision is about keeping our company strong and positioning ourselves for the future. Moving printing to our sister company in KC will help do just that, including long-term cost savings as we continue our digital transformation. Plus we will get the benefit of publishing our newspaper on one of the finest presses in the country.

The BND’s production schedule in Kansas City is designed to ensure that you get your print edition on time every morning. The move should not affect delivery.

Our earlier deadline, however, means the print edition will no longer include late breaking news and sports. Daily local stock listings also will no longer be available in the print edition.

But you’ll still get local in-depth news and sports coverage every day, including watchdog news reports and articles about outstanding local athletes. We encourage you to supplement your daily news diet with Extra Extra, the daily bonus e-edition available to subscribers, and with our continuous coverage at

Moving the BND’s printing operations to Kansas City doesn’t change our mission as a news organization. In fact, our commitment to doing local journalism that makes a difference and providing marketing and advertising services that help people grow their businesses is stronger than ever.

As always, we thank you for reading the BND. Covering local news and sports is expensive, so your continued support through subscriptions and using our marketing and advertising services is essential and appreciated.

Jeffry Couch, editor and general manager, can be reached at