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Dad helps crews tow car from lake after son crashes in Southern Illinois

Two teenagers were able to swim to safety after driving into a lake in Southern Illinois on Friday night.

With a little help from one of their fathers, the car was also salvaged from the lake.

According to WJBD, 18-year-old Samuel Lisk and his passenger, a 17-year-old, drove off Country Club Road and into Raccoon Lake in Centralia on Friday. Lisk said he was unfamiliar with the road and did not see the lake until it was too late to stop.

The teenagers called 911 after swimming to shore at about 10:44 p.m. Friday night, WJBD reported.

After a woman fell asleep behind the wheel around 6:30 a.m. Saturday, she plunged into a small lake known as a home to snakes and alligators. Several Sugar Land, Texas police jumped into the water to save her.

Crews decided to wait until Saturday to pull the car from the water.

Lisk’s father, according to WJBD, also happens to be a diver. On Saturday, he swam out to the car, which had drifted a few hundred feet into the lake, and connected ropes to the back of the vehicle.

The tow truck was able to pull the car from the water.

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