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One of the oldest bars in west Belleville is for sale — again

An exterior look at Spike’s Pub and Grub in west Belleville.
An exterior look at Spike’s Pub and Grub in west Belleville.

Want to own a piece of history? One of the oldest watering holes in west Belleville is up for grabs.

Listed for $400,000, Spike’s Pub and Grub, at 3701 W. Main St., hit the market a few weeks ago, owner Rachel Speichinger confirmed Wednesday. The business had long been known as the Antique House Lounge.

It’s not closing, but Speichinger and her husband, Dan, want to sell Spike’s before possibly opening a new one.

“We’re looking to move out of the area,” Speichinger said Wednesday. “We’re wanting to do the same type of thing, but down in Florida and on the beach.”

Rachel Speichinger and husband Dan made big changes in the building at North 37th and West Main streets, including the addition of a smoker out front. BND archives

The couple purchased the bar in 2014 from the owners of the Antique House.

The business has thrived since, bringing in about $700,000 in food and liquor sales annually along with $84,000 a year in jukebox, arcade game and video gaming machine revenue, according to the real estate listing.

In 2014, the couple reopened Spike’s Pub & Grub with a gray and red theme going on inside and out, and new windows to bring in more natural light — “I like to be able to see my food,” Rachel Speichinger told the News-Democrat then. They also added flooring, air conditioning, bar, big-screen TVs, tables and chairs and a new kitchen.

The Speichingers plan to take the name “Spike’s” with them if they move to Florida, but everything is negotiable, Rachel Speichinger said.

The bar is now known for its drinks, wings and smoked meat and as a place for Lindenwood University students to eat, drink and work.

For more than 80 years, the building has housed a bar inside, Rachel Speichinger said. Before that, it was a house. The porch is now a patio with tables and chairs.

Speichinger said she hopes the next owner keeps the neighborhood bar going for years to come.

“This is our home,” Speichinger said. “Belleville is our heart. It’s been our heart for our entire lives, but we’re just opening up the possibilities of the next chapter.”