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Sheriff’s deputies arrive just in time to help a mom in labor deliver her baby

Perry County Sheriff badges
Perry County Sheriff badges

Deputies often don’t know what to expect when getting an emergency call, but Sheriff Steve Bareis called this outcome nothing less than a “miraculous event.”

Perry County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a home for a mother in labor on Monday afternoon.

“I heard one of the other deputies say the baby was coming, coming pretty quick, and I turned around to gather a blanket or some towels or something and the baby was here,” said Sgt. Scott Kellerman, who delivered the boy at about 1:30 p.m. Monday after being called to the home for a mother in labor.

Deputies arrived at the home for “about two minutes” before the birth. The sheriff’s department declined to release details to protect the mother’s privacy, though Kellerman said the boy appeared healthy.

“Felt like a pretty good bundle to me, seemed like a healthy weight,” he said.

The sergeant said he and his wife have three children, and he was present for their births, but this is the first child the deputy of 15 years has delivered on duty.

The sheriff said the mother and child are doing well at a Carbondale hospital, where they were taken by ambulance.

“Law enforcement, the majority of time, deals with the bad things that occur,” Bareis said in a news release. “What a joy to help in a time like this.”