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New comic book, toy store and coffee bar opens in downtown Belleville

Cosmic Comics opens in downtown Belleville

Cosmic Comics, Collectibles and Games recently opened in Downtown Belleville. The shop that hard to find comic books and games will host movie and game nights for local residents.
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Cosmic Comics, Collectibles and Games recently opened in Downtown Belleville. The shop that hard to find comic books and games will host movie and game nights for local residents.

Looking for a new place to “geek out” on a Saturday night? Downtown Belleville store owner Dave Dyer calls his new comic book shop and coffee bar “the zen of geekism.”

Located at 132 W. Main St., Cosmic Comics, Collectibles and Games recently opened in a storefront previously occupied by Peace by Piece. The clothing, gift and accessories shop moved to Swansea earlier this year.

Since then, Dyer has moved his collection of pop culture items into the shop.

“I’m enjoying coming into work everyday,”owner Dave Dyer said. “I come in, I can’t wait to get in here, then I don’t want to leave at night when we close.”

Dyer, who previously worked as a tattoo artist, has created a warm environment inside of the new store where you can order hot coffee and browse through new and vintage inventory.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new shop:

Toys, games, comic books and more

Cosmic Comics, Collectibles and Games is the latest retail shop to open downtown and it could soon become a destination for holiday shopping, gamers, kids and adult collectors.

From comic books and collectible toys to new action figures and games, the shop carries a wide range pop culture items.

Customers will find vintage and new comic books on the shelf along with movies, books and games.

Types of toys include: Star Trek, Super Heroes both DC and Marvel, Godzilla and Kiss memorabilia. Horror toys include items from “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Friday the 13th”, “Halloween” and more.

Check out the game room

Dyer’s new shop has a dedicated space for playing board games and card games. Two “kitchen tables” remind Dyer of the time he spent playing board games as a kid. There’s a ‘boardroom table” in the room for larger groups.

Want to play? For now, gamers should bring their own games, but in the future the shop will add games to the space for customers to enjoy.

“I’ve always envisioned a place where everyone could just come, hangout and be together,” Dyer said. “Liked minded people. I want this to become a destination place, this is a beautiful area down here on Main Street in Belleville.”

At the coffee bar, Dyer serves Brazilian coffee, pumpkin spice coffee, apple cider and tea with free refills. The coffee bar also serves soda from Excel Bottling Co. in Breese and butter brew, a sweet concoction similar to the drink served in the “Harry Potter” series.

Zapp’s, New Orleans kettle‐style potato chips, are on the menu if you need a light snack in between browsing and games.

Events and movie night

Dyer hopes to bring in celebrity guests into his new shop.

When he hosted a convention called Contamination, guests included Naomi Grossman from “American Horror Story,” the cast of The original “Battlestar Galactica,” Glenn Ennis who played Colossus in both “Deadpool” movies, Kane Hodder who played Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th” and Tony Todd from the “Candyman” films.

Events at the comic shop will include movie screenings and game night.

The first event at Cosmic will be a grand opening celebration with free food, music and two costume contest. The event will also include a free 10 p.m. showing of Frankenstien.

This year marks the 200th anniversary of the publishing of Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein.

The comic book store is open six days a week. The shop is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. The store is closed on Monday.

For more information, call 618- 416-3115.

Cara Anthony: 618-239-2471.