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The metro-east is still considered one of the country’s worst ‘judicial hellholes’

St. Clair and Madison counties have placed further down on an annual list of “most unfair” jurisdictions, courts and legislatures in the country.

The 2018-19 list, compiled by lawyers and others from the American Tort Reform Foundation, is titled “Judicial Hellholes.” It names The city of St. Louis as number 4, following California, Florida and New York City.

St. Clair and Madison counties came in at number 8, with the foundation citing the increase in “no-injury” consumer class action lawsuits. Specific lawsuits included those that targeted the labeling of food products like cake mix or barbecue products.

“The counties also remain among the plaintiffs’ bar’s favorite jurisdictions for asbestos lawsuits, and the Illinois legislature continues to turn a blind eye to the abuses,” the news release states.

Last year, St. Louis was No. 3 and St. Clair and Madison counties No. 7; St. Louis was number 1 at the end of 2016 and the metro-east counties No. 6.

Reporter Mary Cooley follows the crimes and court goings-on in the metro-east; she has a special affinity for the oddities that make life in Southern Illinois interesting. Mary has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri at Columbia and previously worked as a copy editor at newspapers in the Southeast.