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If you want to have a successful retirement, ask someone who’s retired

How To Plan For Retirement

"How to Plan for Retirement". A simple guide to help you retire with peace of mind.
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"How to Plan for Retirement". A simple guide to help you retire with peace of mind.

I have been retired now for four years.

It really doesn’t seem that long. Time does fly. Especially when you’re having fun.

And retirement is fun, no doubt about that. I wondered before I did it retire if I would be able to occupy my time. I can.

I wondered if I would feel lost if I wasn’t writing a column with my picture in the paper nearly every day. I’m not. Of course I’m still in the paper and the bnd website a couple of times a month.

I wondered, as many do, if I would be able to survive financially. I can, although a lot of my time is wasted looking at those stories on line about how you can make it with “only” $500,000 if you are careful. Let me tell you, you can survive on a lot less.

There is so much entertainment out there, streaming online, movies, movie rentals, Internet. There is family to care for and to entertain you.

There are seemingly hundreds of doctors’ appointments to go to. Many go like this.

“Doc, I have this pain,” you say.

“You’re getting older,” he says. “I’ve studied old and you are old.”

There are cataracts to have removed. Colonoscopies to endure. So many articles to read about keeping yourself healthy as you age. So many of their suggestions to ignore.

Every time I attend some function where someone is retiring, or like the other night, where a whole bunch of people are retiring, I get asked, “Is it really that great?”

“Yes,” I always say.

But, of course, the answer is different for every person. There are some who haven’t even considered retiring. They love what they do and can’t think of not doing it anymore. I used to be one of them until things changed. They do change and so do you. At some point, when it gets to where you can’t handle it anymore, you know it. I know I got there.

Now when I have one of those times when I’m behind deadline and everyone is demanding something from me that I can’t do, I simply wake up and feel grateful that it was only a dream. Then I sleep late to make up for it.

I still can thrive on deadlines, like writing something at the last minute. But not as often.

Yes, Virginia, there is a retirement. And I gotta say, it’s wonderful.

Wally Spiers: