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Washington Park patrolman quits after girlfriend gets protective order

A 25-year patrolman for Washington Park has stepped down in the wake of a woman obtaining a protective order against him.

And the legal problems for 52-year-old Kevin McAfee don’t end there: He was arrested early Saturday on a charge of driving drunk.

McAfee denies the woman’s allegations. He declined comment on the DUI arrest.

McAfee retired May 8, just days after an alleged altercation between him and a former girlfriend at the Washington Park Police Department. The woman alleged that McAfee kicked in the door to the police dispatching area where she works as a dispatcher, and that McAfee brandished a knife. She filed a police report and later sought an order of protection.

Washington Park Police Chief Aubrey Keller confirmed that McAfee has retired, but declined comment on the alleged incident at the police department. He cited personnel restrictions.

McAfee told a reporter that he never threatened the woman. He also denies kicking in the door to the dispatching area where his former girlfriend works.

“All of this started after April 1 when I questioned paternity of a second child that the woman alleged was mine,” he said.

McAfee said he had been paying child support for the child for two years. He said the woman threw things at him when he confronted her about the matter.

“I had to get an attorney to file to get a test done through St. Clair County. I couldn’t get any voluntary cooperation out of her. That’s why we are here today,” he said. “This whole thing is about money and the DNA of the second child. After two years of paying child support for a child that is not mine, I just didn’t want to continue paying for someone else’s child.”

The woman, Candice Lyles, was granted an emergency order of protection against McAfee on May 7. She went to court on May 13 for a plenary order of protection, which is valid for two years. A St. Clair County judge on May 13 issued a two-year protective order for Lyles.

McAfee was ordered not to go near Lyles or her family. The subject of an order of protection also is not allowed to carry a gun.

Lyles could not be reached for comment.

McAfee said he has DNA test results that prove he is not the father of the second child.

McAfee was arrested on the DUI charge early Saturday. Swansea Police said he failed a sobriety test after he was stopped at 1:12 a.m. at Illinois 161 and Roger Street.

Swansea Police Chief Mike Arnold said police pulled over McAfee for speeding.

“He was driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone,” Arnold said.

His blood-alcohol level was 0.104 percent. The threshold for a DUI is 0.08 percent.

McAfee posted $100 for bond and surrendered his driver’s license, Arnold said.

McAfee declined comment on the DUI arrest.

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