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Welcome to Insight: Week 2

Jeffry Couch can be reached at
Jeffry Couch can be reached at

Looking for your Saturday Opinions page, our daily editorial and Glenn McCoy’s editorial cartoon? They’ve moved from Page A4 to Page C2 in a new section, called Insight.

This is actually the second week for our Saturday Insight section. Each week, you’ll find an expanded line-up of commentary, opinion and analysis. The section also features in-depth articles that go beyond the day’s headlines, the Answer Man column by Roger Schlueter and your letters.

Judging by reader comments this week, the most popular part of last Saturday’s Insight section was the second Opinions page. In an email, one reader said the new section “maintained your newspaper’s conservative views while also providing worthy diverse views such as the article detailing some of President Obama’s positive accomplishments.”

Presenting diverse points of view about national and international issues is one of our goals for the second Opinions page. We hope you find that this week’s variety of commentary meets that goal.

This week’s Insight cover includes BND Feature Editor Pat Kuhl’s article about the Rev. Dr. John Curry and his battle against racism and the Answer Man’s tale about Henry Ostendorf, a soldier killed in World War I and honored with a statue in a cemetery on the outskirts of Maryville.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Insight section. Please send your feedback and suggestions to Thank you for reading the BND and visiting

Jeffry Couch is editor and vice president of the BND and You can contact him at or 618-239-2551. Follow him on Twitter: @jcouch.