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ESL Police nab woman accused of running over others

East St. Louis Police have apprehended Moeshia Allen.
East St. Louis Police have apprehended Moeshia Allen. Provided

A 21-year-old East St. Louis woman accused of using a car to run over four girls during an argument has been taken into custody, according to St. Clair County State’s Attorney Brendan Kelly.

Moeshia Allen was taken into police custody Friday night in East St. Louis.

“East St. Louis Police Cief Michael Hubbard and his officers did an outstanding job,” Kelly said.

An arrest warrant says Allen is to be held by police with no bond.

She was charged with four counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, four counts of battery in a public place and one account of failing to report an injury after a motor vehicle crash.

The four girls were run over in June in the 1200 block of McCausland Avenue. The four survived.

East St. Louis Detective Juan McCoy investigated the case. On a video captured by someone at the scene, a gray car, which McCoy said was driven by Allen, reached speeds of up to 45 mph as it slammed into the four girls who were standing in a larger crowd on McCausland that day. The four bodies flew up into the air, and flipped before they landed on the ground.

McCoy said the four were taken to a hospital and were fortunate to not suffer serious injuries.

McCoy said Allen told the original driver of the car to move over because she was driving.

“She said she was going to run those (expletives) over,” McCoy said.

Allen had been sought by police since June.