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Fairview Heights looking to create a bike trail

City leaders in Fairview Heights will consider adding a bike trail in town.

The Fairview Heights City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night to perform a feasibility study for the proposed bike trail development.

City administrator Jim Snider said the proposal would cost an estimated $21,300 that would be funded from the city’s operating budget. Snider said the proposed four-month study is necessary for the city to be eligible for grants that could help fund the project. He also said the study would help city leaders identify the best corridors in town to develop a bike path.

Mayor Mark Kupsky said the city is looking at one of two bike trails. One would connect Moody Park to the Fairview Heights MetroLink Station. The other would connect Milburn School Road with Pleasant Ridge Park.

Kupsky said the if the study determines either one of the proposed trails is feasible, the city officials will then select one and determine a construction schedule and potential funding from the city and the Metro-East Park and Recreation District in Collinsville.

Kupsky said city residents have talked to him about developing a bike trail in the city. He said neighboring communities have already established bike trails and it is time for Fairview Heights to try to develop one.

“We’re one of the cities that really doesn’t have established bike trails, and it’s something that I think is really important for nonmotoring public to provide accessibility for those on bicycles for both fitness and access to the city,” Kupsky said. “I think it’s a very important thing for the public and it’s something that the public has been asking for.”

Fairview Heights Park District Director Angela Beaston said the park district is also collaborating with the city on the potential project. She said that a bike trail would benefit the local parks.

“I think it’s a very much needed in our community,” Beaston said. “Several things we have been lacking compared to the other communities and this is something that we really need to start looking into. It’s something that a lot of the community members are really interested in.”

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