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Business briefing: Premier Car Connection opens second locale in metro-east

Premier Car Connection has opened a second used car lot in the metro-east.

The new locale is at 4501 N. Illinois St. in Swansea. You can still find the other at 9101 St. Clair Ave. in Fairview Heights.

The car dealer has an assortment of pre-owned vehicles from sedans and coupes to sports cars, convertibles and SUVs.


The maker of Legos is recording strong profit following a global expansion. The privately-owned Danish company has reported a 30 percent increase in net profit in the first six months of the year following an addition in its number of factories worldwide. Read more here.


A federal judge has given class-action status to a lawsuit against Uber in California concerning payment to drivers. The lawsuit claims that drivers in the app-based transportation service incorrectly classified these drivers as independent contractors when they are actually employees. The lawsuit was filed by current or former Uber drivers who say they are Uber employees and have been shortchanged on expenses and tips. Learn more here.


A German securities firm has found software that targets smartphones with the Android operating system that is designed to spy on users or display advertising. The research reveals that these modified apps are becoming more common and have been installed by unknown middlemen. The report also found that phones manufactured by Huawei and Xiaomi contain these modified apps. Find out more here.

-Will Buss, BND business writer