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The new Changing the way we present the news

Welcome to the new digital version of the BND.

We’ve redesigned our digital platforms, changed the way we present the news and made other improvements to meet the needs of today’s busy readers.

Many of these changes are based on feedback from you. We want to give you the news you want, when you want it, and how you want it - on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Here are highlights:

▪ We’ve expanded our in-depth reporting to go beyond the daily news headlines and given it a prominent home in our digital presentation.

▪ Each week we will profile an outstanding student, including videos and photographs. We’re also adding a daily sports trivia question and a look-ahead to the sports week.

▪ Our new layered approach to storytelling gives you the choice of reading the highlights that summarize each article or to dig deeper into the details. Many articles will include pullouts of key facts, important quotations or statistics that help tell the story.

▪ We’ve improved our presentation of video and photos, key tools for telling stories.

▪ The overall digital design is easier to navigate, and we are using a new typeface to improve readability.

▪ The new presentation emphasizes the most important breaking news, high school sports, our expanded video offerings, photo galleries, BND Magazine stories and other news.

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We’ve made changes in our print edition as well, starting Wednesday. They include new sections, an expanded lineup of commentary and new sports and features content. We’ve improved our print presentation, building on the redesign introduced last spring, with a new typeface, bolder headlines and more consistency throughout the newspaper.

You can learn more about print changes by visiting or reading the column on Page A2 in the News-Democrat on Wednesday.

We hope you enjoy the changes at and in the BND. We want to hear what you think. Please visit and click on the feedback link to make your comments.

Thanks again for reading the BND and

Jeffry Couch is editor and vice president of the BND and