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Roger That: Congress seeks damages from fire to aircraft caused by loose nut

A lawmaker is pressing the Air Force to make L-3 Communications Holdings Inc. pay as much as $62 million in damages from an aircraft fire that investigators linked to a loose nut that company maintenance workers failed to tighten in the plane's oxygen system, according to Stars and Stripes.

The rear cabin fire on an RC-135 Rivet Joint intelligence aircraft during takeoff on April 30 at Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska aborted the training mission, risking the lives of 27 personnel. A picture in the official Air Force report on its accident investigation showed “a dark hole burnt through the center of the aircraft,” according to the lawmaker, Representative Jackie Speier of California.

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Robert O’Neill, the self-proclaimed killer of Osama Bin Laden, has been labeled by ISIS as their No. 1 target in a recent online posting. Not only did a British ISIS agent give instructions on how to kill the ex-Navy SEAL, but also where to find him. This information is said to have been shared many times since originally appearing online, according to

The story originally appeared in the Daily Mirror, who monitors chat rooms associated with the Islamic State and other extremist groups. Along with the threat against O’Neills life was a story by a popular online news outlet that quoted the SEAL’s father saying he is not afraid of ISIS.

“I've been ready for this since we killed Osama bin Laden,” O’Neill told Fox News host Sean Hannity. “I know how to defend myself.”

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The Green Beret getting kicked out of the Army for beating an alleged child rapist in Afghanistan has been given a 60-day reprieve, according to Army Times.

Army Secretary John McHugh "agreed to postpone Sgt. 1st Class Charles Martland's discharge from the Army for 60 days to allow him to file an appeal with the Army Board for the Correction of Military Records," the Army said in a statement.

The decision was made after Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, spoke with and wrote a letter to McHugh. The decision was "out of respect for Chairman Thornberry's continued strong support for our military and his personal appeal," according to the Army statement.

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About 50-60 percent of military couples seek marital therapy as a result of infidelity, according to a paper released by researchers at the National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Connecticut. Military relationships are marked by frequent and extended periods of separation, which prompted researchers at the National Center for PTSD in Connecticut to investigate the issue of infidelity among deployed service members, according to the Yale Daily News.

Research at the Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System at the West Haven Campus examined the impact of infidelity on combat-exposed service members. The study suggested that infidelity, though often overlooked, is a pressing issue for veterans’ mental health. Experts said the findings underscore the need to further investigate the effects of infidelity on deployed service members and develop clinical methods to better treat those effects.

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